A breath of spring in the jar. Just inhale and you'll get what I mean.


The heavily infused with poplar buds resin shea butter and sweet almond oil whipped together with beeswax and lanolin to help the skin with irritation, wounds, burns, cuts, infections, bruises, etc. I like to use it as a perfume and enjoy the heady smell.


"An in vitro study analyzed the phenolic content of Populus nigra and found that it supported antioxidant defenses, inflammatory response, and cell renewal. Form this researches concluded that it had potential for use in cosmetic products" (R. Foret, E. Han - Wild Remedies, p. 337)


The buds were sustainably foraged by my friend Vera in Alberta in a pollution-free environment at 1250 m above sea level. 


Ingredients: shea butter, sweet almond oil, beeswax, lanolin, poplar bud resin.


Each metal tin is 2 oz 

Whipped Poplar Buds Salve

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