This solid shampoo bar is based on plant-derived "green" surfactants with the addition of vitamins, herbal extracts, oils and natural moisturizers. It provides abundant leather and has good washing properties making the hair healthy and strong. 


It does not contain any preservatives, parabens, SLS, artificial colourants and fragrances. It allowed the hair cuticle to air-exchange with the environment and hydrates it along the length with natural components.


The main care ingredient is Sea Buckthorn CO2 extract. It contains a little-discussed omega, this fatty acid provides key building blocks for skin, hair and nails. It helps combat dryness, loss of skin and hair elasticity, and other symptoms of ageing and damage. It protects against oxidative damage, helps hair retain moisture better, and can even help repair sun-damaged hair and skin.


CO2 extraction is much better even than cold-pressing is because oxygen-free environments and low temperatures are particularly important when extracting fragile oils. CO2 extraction also leaves absolutely no solvent residues, so the final oil is impeccably pure.


The bar also contains Maca extract, D-panthenol, Vitamin E, Lemon Extract, Kukui oil and essential oils of Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit.


One bar goes a long way.


~85 g


"Sea Bucthorn" Solid Shampoo Bar


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