I used to associate the smell of a rose with something grandma’s, but with age, and with an addiction to essential oils, I am getting more and more attracted to the flower. Just never say "never".


The idea of a “pink” soap popped up into my head with the discovery of whipped soap. I imagined all this pink whipped tenderness ... There is pink clay in the whipped part and madder root tincture of glycerin inserts. Rose geranium essential oil almost 100% mimics the aroma of a rose.


Because the soap was whipped, it requires more, comparing to a regular bar, time to cure and will be ready to use by May 1.


Please do not wrap it up, the soap is alive and needs air circulation to cure properly. The bar makes a nice display piece in a bathroom and brings a bright fresh aroma!


Ingredients: Saponified oils and butters of Olive, Coconut, Shea, Palm, Cocoa, Kokum, Castor, Avocado. Water, Madder Root and Hibiscus Flower Tincture, Glycerin, Beet sugar, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Calendula Extract.


~100 g +-10 g

"Rose" Bar


    © 2018 by Dill Field

    Ottawa, Ontario