The first breath of the spring. When nature is awaking after the long winter, I can feel this sweet frosty scent in the air while walking along a forest trail near the streambeds. The steaky, resinous buds of the poplar tree make a powerful medicine that smells so heady. I close my eyes and take a deep breath: my favorite perfume! I could not resist making the soap all infused with the buds to enjoy the aroma and its healing benefits every day in a shower. "An in vitro study analyzed the phenolic content of Populus nigra and found that it supported antioxidant defenses, inflammatory response, and cell renewal. Form this researches concluded that it had potential for use in cosmetic products" (R. Foret, E. Han - Wild Remedies, p. 337) The soap is made with two techniques that's why there are different shades of brown and even red: whipped soap combined with glycerin soap made with poplar buds tincture. All brown and yellow colours and aroma are coming from the bud's oily infusion and tincture. Red inclusions - from Paprika CO2 extract. Green - evergreen extract. The poplar smell is bright and well pronounced. The buds were sustainably foraged by myself in Ontario, Canada. Attention: the soap is still curing and will be ready to use April 1, 2021, but it smells so good and can be smelled for now😄.


~110-120 g, weight can vary due to hand cutting and curing process


Dino eggs ~40-50 g

Poplar Buds Soap

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