Burdock roots is a well-known hair treatment in Russian culture. My grandma always had a bottle of a burdock-infused oil in her dresser, and I remember her applying it once a week onto her hair and I have to say she had beautiful hair.


Phytosterols in burdock root are believed to boost scalp and hair health, relieve dandruff, and improve hair follicles to prevent hair loss and improve thickness.


This hair oil has been infused with wild-harvested roots collected by us in a sustainable manner in the ecologically clean place. 


An emulsifier is added to the formulation to make washing off easy. Vitamin E helps the oil to not oxidize and nourishes the scalp and hair. 


Application: the oil can be used as a hair mask for a short course: apply every week for 2 months and make a 6 months break, OR use it once a month on a regular basis. Apply a small amount of oil onto the scalp in a massage motion. If possible, cover with a plastic hat and a towel to maintain a warm environment. Leave for as long as possible but not less than 20 minutes. Rinse off with Wild Burdock Shampoo Bar or any shampoo of your choice. 


Ingredients: sweet almond oil infused with burdock root, twin (emulsifier), vitamin E


50 ml

Wild Burdock Root Hydrophilic Hair Oil


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